My Process

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive financial advice and portfolio management, individually designed for each client, and delivered with the highest level of personal service and professional integrity while empowering my clients to focus on what is most important in their lives – Faith, Family, Finances and Freedom.

Services I Provide

  • Wealth Building
  • Asset Protection
  • Diversification
  • Education Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Liquidity Needs
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Investment Tax Management
  • Estate Planning Analysis

Investments/Financial Planning

I use a proactive disciplined approach to asset management and regularly scheduled reviews in order to deliver a higher level of consistency for my client’s financial matters.

Investment Philosophy

My investment philosophy has three segments:

Portfolio Management is part of a full financial planning process. First I need to determine your current financial status. That includes assessing your assets minus your liabilities—current as well as projected future investment income needs—your investment objectives and your level of tolerance for risk. After your financial status has been reviewed, I begin the process of designing, implementing, and monitoring your investment portfolio.

Capital Appreciation or wealth appreciation is achieved by investing in quality companies which have demonstrated an ability to generate as best as possible a positive cash-flow and have consistent positive earnings growth. Experience suggests the most successful investment programs involve a long-term perspective and a commitment to proven investment disciplines in order to consistently achieve your goals.

Tactical Asset Management is the process of maximizing your portfolio objectives while minimizing the risks. My role is to manage the risk you are willing to take to accomplish your objective. This means I will control risk—not eliminate it—as there is risk involved in all investments. Your portfolio will consist of up to six asset classes: equity (stocks), fixed income (bonds), REIT (real estate), commodities, alternatives and cash/cash equivalents. I will balance between these asset classes in accordance with your risk tolerance.